Ayodeji Ismail Karim was born on the 18th of December 1970 to the family of Alhaji and Alhaja Dauda Adebayo Karim. He is the grandson of Alhaji Adegoke Akanji Karim from the Ile Adeniji, Opo-Labiran compound in Ibadan. His mother Durodola Maya is from the Maya compound Itamaya, Foko in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Education & Training

He had his primary education at St. Georges Boys School, Falomo, Ikoyi Lagos and his secondary education at the Metropolitan College, Isolo before proceeding to South Thames College, Wandsworth, London where he bagged his National Diploma in Electro/Mechanical Sciences.

A qualified Bachelor of Materials Engineering and Engineering Design/Manufacturing both from the University of Wales, Sawnsea UK with track record of increasing operational efficiencies, reducing bottlenecks and downtime through Time Quality Management (TQM). A Specialist in initiating and executing ‘niche’ projects utilizing refined work approaches and best-in-class methodologies while ensuring strategic alignment with organisational goals.

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  • Ayodeji Ismail Karim's Philosophy as an Aspirant

  • Why Ak is Ok

  • Unveiling Of Ayodeji Ismail Karim

Tuface Idibia in a famous song once said “We are all different and unique, in our different ways”. If this is true, it begs the question of “how unique is your difference and how different is your uniqueness as a person?”.

I was going to start with what makes me uniquely different as a candidate amongst others but then I came to the sudden realization that: no two candidate (or person) will share the same exact character or trait, we all stand out uniquely in our different individual ways.

All I will say therefore are my own views that qualify my character as a unique individual. Predictably, my views are my paradigm, its almost like the palpable glasses sitting on my nose through which I act and react to the PEOPLE; the people’s ENVIRONMENT and LIFE around me in general.


I genuinely believe in Humanity as a specie. I believe in the right of the people, the treatment of people with respect and equity justice for all. We have to get to the point in this country whereby the people’s choice, wants and needs supercede any selfish interest and agenda.

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Oyo State with a population of 5,591,589 million, with a Total Gross Domestic Product of $29.8 billion and GDP per capital of $2,666, and its proximity to Lagos makes her a destined state for growth. However, the ability to continue to produce for its self-great leaders and exemplary managers to drive the state’s affairs to ensure a secured future will be the great determining factor to decide if the State will prosper or not.

A lot has been done already in the state no matter how we look at it, our State is not the same with how it was twenty years ago. Although we the people would have wished for this development processes to be faster. Hence, the need to have a full time professional Program Manager on board as the driver of our collective destiny.

Ayodeji Karim possesses many attributes which characterizes him as the “Jolly Good Fellow” to take our great state to another level and fast track the developmental momentum already in motion all across the state.

Ayo with his practical knowledge of over twenty years in Program Management and specialization in Total Quality Management (TQM) stands as the right peg ready for the right hole. His history of managing businesses and diligence at carrying people along are exceptional features an in-coming Oyo Governor should have.

He is bold and capable, possesses a wealth of experience in several top managerial positions, has an untarnished integrity, he is a seasoned technocrat with exceptional diplomatic prowess needed to play the politics required to get things done.

AK as he is fondly called by some of his friends, is not our regular politician, who will come and say all they want to do without a realistic feasibility study and work plan with achievable timelines. AK already has his work plan across different sectors of the State well mapped out before even setting out.

These documents will form the foundation upon which his administration will be laid and what it will also be evaluated with at the end. Ayo Karim is a very energetic and vibrant young man at the prime of his life, his vibrancy enables him to relate with both old and young people effortlessly and his level of exposure both within and outside the country will further birth a possible paradigm of a tenure of an Opo-Labiran/Foko boy with world standard orientation.

Our State is definitely on her way to making the best decision ever, having a governor with the mix of street credibility, people focused orientation, technical competency, exceptional leadership capabilities and the Nigerian political swagger. So get set, prepare your permanent voter’s cards and let us forge ahead with AK.



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